Ambertail will never ask you to download or install anything on your devices, nor will we ever ask you for personal or financial information.

We've been made aware of scams going around at the moment from users claiming to be from Ambertail Games. 

If you're unsure whether a message you've received is a scam, message us on twitter, or hit us up on our discord. (Links above)

Amber Isle Art

Ambertail Games

Welcome to Ambertail Games, a small Games Studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland started in 2020.

Our small but hardworking team is focused on making sure that everything we create is wholesome, simple and fun.

Read on down to see more about us and our projects, as well as our social media updates!


About Us


Jordan is an extremely passionate artist and designer.  But more importantly, she's a dinosaur lover and enthusiast at heart!

With a few years of game development in her past and an entire lifetime of researching our prehistoric friends, she plans to make something exciting!

Noel is a long term and passionate game developer with a good few years and studios under his belt.

He's super excited to bring the world of Ambertale to life, and learn a lot more about dinosaurs along the way!


Amber Isle

Welcome to Amber Isle: a quaint, friendly village of prehistoric residents who are in need of a new shopkeep - That’s you!
Craft and sell items, upgrade your shop, befriend your Paleofolk neighbours and customise the island to bring the village back to life and welcome even more prehistoric pals!

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